Write a resume with a reverse thinking
Date of Issue 2011-01-13

College graduates is on the increase, experts predict the job market in China will further exacerbate the situation of supply exceeding demand, corporate talent requirements will increase as well. How to make yourself stand out in the talent market it?  In my opinion, anti-thinking your resume will make you different.

Many job seekers in order to attract the attention of recruiters, the resume lists a number of honors and achievements, the result a lot of verbose, give recruiters impressed them the advantage but annihilation, not prominent. A friend of the author is off, on education, he had only graduated from college, how can the negative in the case of undergraduate students get together to let others do their own fancy? He used reverse thinking, writing up the resume of a "flashback." In general, the CV is always from the introduction of their names, interests, hobbies and so began his employers are paying more attention to never "work experience" to start, head start, opening on the firm attracted the attention of recruiters.

Secondly, many job seekers spend lots of money packaging themselves, at the ink brag Instead, he purposefully introduced their own "shortcomings." Here he played a small things, because these so-called "shortcomings" is just the employer pay greater attention to the "Features", and he won from a number of competitors.

Today's employers, have long had the concept of the employer from finding the "best people" into a search for "the most characteristic of the people." Written by reverse thinking the resume, most likely to show a person's thinking ability, work style and development potential. Job seekers may wish to try their own actual conditions to, the employer will naturally take special notice of you.
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