Career planning and goal setting to go with you
Date of Issue 2011-12-26

Many career choices appear doubtful in regard of the complete picture, a phenomenon known as "the interference was Elvis" Determined to give up the worry of dry sub-goals, every day dealing with the overall objective of the priority tasks only, you will eventually find that this piece of life leads you to your personal goals, the "golden thread."

"The Fifth Discipline", the reason why "self-transcendence" as "the first practice," is the essence:  " beliefs generate power, good habits makes a duck to water."

Determination is the starting point in life, career goal setting is the core of career planning. If you do not know where you're going, you’re not going anywhere. An objective is like a discovery, people tend to go through some crisis and to find their talent to adapt to the pursuit of the goal.

While each person has several personal general goals, when the individuals’ goals are to support the organization, the organization will not stop the outbreak of energy, the realization of personal vision will be a powerful help.

Dale Carnegie once said: "15% of a person's success relies on professional knowledge, 85% relies on interpersonal relationships and their capabilities." Success cannot be achieved through knowledge alone, the outside world should be reached. After all, if you cannot communicate with the outside world, communication, promotion and access, you can’t achieve any kind of success.

Gail Sheehy, American writer has offers indirect access to the stories of more than 60,000 successful and self-satisfied people, with the “Journey of Life Questionnaire”. Successful people have at least two common characteristics: First, they have more close friends; second, they strive to achieve an elusive goal. These pioneers think that life makes sense, and will enjoy life.

Overall, successful people reach their career objectives, shorten the distance and bring successful achievements to the stage.

Psychological experiments show that too difficult or too easy or not challenging objectives will not inspire people's enthusiasm for action. Therefore, goals should be based on personal experience, quality level and reality to determine our short-term goals. Short-term goals should be as clear and specific as possible and be realized in limited time. Only this way, the objective will have the value of action to guide and inspire. With a specific time frame to accomplish a specific task, people will concentrate on the potential of mobilizing themselves and others, to achieve their objective.
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